Press Releases - 2017

9 November 2017

The ELI-ALPS Research Institute celebrates turning to an operational RI

19 September 2017

First laser systems arrived to ELI-ALPS Research Istitute

Press Releases - 2016

26 January 2016

ELI is rocketing into the future, ready to boost research and innovation in Europe

Press Releases - 2015

14 October 2015

SHHG secondary sources beamline contract for ELI Laser Research Centre in Szeged signed

17 April 2015

GHHG secondary sources beamlines contracts for ELI Laser Research Centre in Szeged signed

27 January 2015

Worldwide unique mid-infrared laser system to be developed for the laser research centre in Szeged

Press Releases - 2014

17 November 2014

A Lithuanian consortium won one of the laser public procurement tenders of the ELI-ALPS facility